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Appledore School Rugby Club with Andrew Mackenzie Shapland - 03/08/2017

Our Director Andrew Mackenzie-Shapland is proud to announce his continued involvement with Appledore Primary School and the coaching of children at the school. Andrew has enjoyed coaching years 4,5 and 6 at the school for the last two years and he hopes to develop and work with the children to promote the core values within the game of Rugby for many years to come.
Andrew is excited about overseeing the schools recent commitment to the'Kids First'campaign sponsored by investment company Old Mutual.
Kids First is all about understanding what motivates children and encouraging them, with the support of their coach, to give their all for themselves and their team mates. The programme provides a setting in which children learn to play the game at their own pace, developing their skills and having plenty of fun as they do so. Having captained Bideford Rugby Club first team for four years and played at that level for over 20 years Andrew is delighted to be turning his attention to promoting and coaching 'Kids First' values at Appledore School.

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